Garden Cart

Outdoor Oasis

Take a walk through a beautifully designed landscape feature. Planing a fully landscaped outdoor living area featuring innovative garden and landscape techniques and designs.



Stroll through this amazing feature garden Designed and created by Ashland Berry Farm. Check back for details on this garden.

Byler Barns


Visit the Backyard Bar to see the latest trends in storage sheds from Byler Barns & Backyards. 

Barkitecture Logo

Barkitecture Village

  Extend the tiny house movement to your four-legged friend with 8 Doggie Dream Houses donated by Henrico Humane Society volunteers. Enter the raffle, one ticket for $3 or two tickets for $5, to win your favorite pet home! Raffle sales benefit Henrico Humane Society.

Fresh Ideas Stage

Fresh Ideas Stage

The stage presentations by local and national experts will take place all 3 days and will cover topics pertaining to remodeling, renovation, décor, fall gardening and outdoor projects. 

The Fresh Ideas Stage will be designed by Jeanine Michele Enterprises.