How to Make the Most Out of Your Small Space

Feb 21, 2018, 22:48 PM
Living in a small apartment can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of stuff. Follow these five tips to not only make your apartment feel more spacious, but also more inviting to guests.

1. Let your walls talk for you. 
There’s nothing more boring to look at than an empty wall. See your blank walls as an opportunity to tell your guests about yourself! Hang up a collage of photos that tell a story or show off your interests. If permitted by your landlord, paint an wall using inexpensive chalkboard paint and live out your childhood dream of finally being able to draw on the walls. Invite some friends over and be shocked by the humorous notes and scribbles they leave behind.

2. Can’t paint? No problem!
If you don’t have time to paint, or if your landlord doesn’t allow it, wall stickers and appliques are a time-saving alternative that help bring some self-expression into your space. Craft stores are likely to have a wide selection of artwork or themes to choose from. They’re also inexpensive and super easy to put up — and take down.

3. Cubbies!
I know what you’re thinking — you aren’t in elementary school anymore so why are we talking about cubbies. Simply put, cubbies (or organizational cubes if you want to be technical) are a great way to show off your stuff in a way that looks “purposefully random.” Fill each cube with interesting knick-knacks, books, plants, memorabilia, or really anything that you think looks great.

4. Magic Mirrors
Mirrors come in handy for more than just checking your appearance before work. Use them to add some depth to a small space, as well as to reflect light and brighten a room up.

5. Fix Your Clutter
Junk. Hodgepodge. Clutter. Whatever you call it, it’s not very appealing. It’s the random household essentials that never really found a place to fit in. Find a way to incorporate storage into nearly everything. Maybe your coat rack could also hang your broom and dust pan. Be creative!