Dryer Vent Safety

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Dryer Vent Safety specializes in cleaning, repairing and replacing dryer exhaust vents.  We offer professional services to both commercial and residential customers including homeowners, neighborhood associations, property managers, veterinarians, retirement homes, etc.  We have  an A rating on Angie's list and BBB. 

Dryer Vent Safety technicians follow the International Residential Code requirements when servicing, repairing or rebuilding dryer exhaust vents.  Upon arrival at your home, we perform an initial diagnostic inspection which includes:


 Drop cloths or towels to protect your floors.

 Inspect transition hose to make sure it's made of UL rated aluminum and properly connected.  Visually inspect the full length of dryer vent that isn't enclosed in walls whether through the attic or crawl space.  Must be made with fire retardant metal duct material that meets code. Test efficiency of dryer vent with an Anemometer if needed.  This measures the air flow velocity created by the dryer blower to indicate any blockages. Inspection of the exterior termination vent to determine if there is lint build-up or blockage.  Determine if it needs to be replaced with a proper operating vent We then explain deficiencies if any exist and prepare a written proposal of work needed to bring vent to code. Once the inspection and any necessary repairs are completed, we thoroughly clean the dryer venting system with our proprietary equipment and systems.  We will remove all accumulated lint and obstructions from the entire length of the dryer vent to keep it operating and operating efficiently. We clean up after ourselves leaving the laundry room as clean if not cleaner than when we arrived.


Clothes dryers or washing machines are involved in over 15,000 annual home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments.  92% of these fires were caused by dryers 

Based on those numbers, these fires accounted for 13 civilian deaths, 440 civilian injuries and $238 million in direct property damage. 

The National Fire Protection Association says that the leading cause of these fires was failure to clean. 

 Cleaning your dryer vent system prevents fire and keeps your dryer working more efficiently...saving energy and drying clothes faster.

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